Donation Options

There are 2 ways to be 1 of 1000s, GoCardless or by standing order. You can also claim Gift Aid on your donation by filling in this Gift Aid declaration. If you fill in the contact form below, then we can keep you up to date about the project and the exciting events that take place to help make this town a space for all. Thanks a thousand.


GoCardless are an online direct debit provider. They will take 1% of your contribution.
Choose the amount you want to pay each month:

£1/month £2/month £3/month £4/month £5/month £10/month £20/month

Standing Order

If you set up a standing order, we do not have to pay any fees to a 3rd party. Setting up a standing order is really easy. You need to tell your bank to pay £1 per month (or more, we’re not fussy) into our bank account. Our details are as follows:

    Bank Name: The Co-operative Bank
    Account Name: Thousand 4 1000
    Sort Code: 08-92-99
    Account number: 65835171

Please include a reference which can be your name, or other unique identifier. Please include the letters “SO” to indicate that this is a monthly standing order.

If you use Internet banking, you can set up that standing order online. Here are some helpful links:
barclays, co-operative bank, halifax, hsbc, lloyds-tsb, nationwide, natwest, rbs, santander, tsb.

If you donate by standing order, we have no way of knowing that you’re supporting the project. It’s really useful to us to know how many people signed up, who you are and how much you are donating. So, could you please let us have your email address before you set up the recurring payment? We won’t share your details with anybody.

If you do not (want to) use internet banking, you can fill in a standing order form and send it to your bank.

Keeping in Touch and Gift Aid