Housing Needed

An estate agents window displaying images of housing to let with messages of support and solidarity written across them.

There is a desperate need for affordable housing. There are, for examples, a Syrian couple, expecting a baby next month, living in 1 room emergency accommodation.  It is super stressful. They need somewhere at the housing benefit rate. There is a refugee family of four living in a one-bedroom flat. They need somewhere bigger. There is a disabled man living with a dodgy, abusive landlord who needs his own, accessible, flat. That’s not everybody.

There are at least two asylum seeking families who have to be in Brighton, have no money and cannot get Asylum Seeker Service accommodation down here (there is none). They are being accommodated by friends, but is overcrowded and stressful. We don’t have the money to provide them with their own house. They need somewhere rent-free. If Brighton is going to house them all T4K needs another £2000 a month.

We have referrals coming in all the time from organisations like St Mungo’s, RISE and even the Local Authority. Sometimes the individual referred has recourse to Public Funds but even then, we don’t have enough friendly landlords. If you have accommodation that you can rent at the housing benefit rate, that would be amazing. If you know somebody who has accommodation that they can rent at affordable prices, that would also be amazing. If you have an empty flat, please, please, get in touch.

If you, like most of us, don’t have such things, then please spread the word and consider signing up to support the project. We can make space for all out of our small change.


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